Barn Liability Waiver

As you might already understand, horseback riding presents an inherent danger: it is impossible to completely control a 1200 pound animal. As riders gain skills and experience, they may find themselves more able to influence the horses they ride, but complete control is not something one can gain over an animal with their own brain. Nevertheless, the magic of this sport is the partnership created between horse and rider and the immense degree to which these large animals are willing, trusting, and able to do what we ask.

The horses at Palladia Farm are known to be safe, healthy, and appropriate for teaching beginner riders. Our tack is well-maintained, and our facility is in good repair and free from safety hazards. Despite our best efforts, sometimes accidents happen. Before you ride, we ask that you complete our liability waiver, acknowledging that you understand the risks of the sport.

Please click here to download the Palladia Farm Liability Waiver [PDF Format], and bring this with you for your first lesson!