Our School Horses


At Palladia Farm,  we have the best school horses and ponies you’ll find in any lesson program anywhere. They’re sound, fit, well-trained, and–most importantly–they are safe. Each of them can teach you or your young student all of the most important fundamentals of smart, fun riding and create an enduring foundation for success.

REBELis one of the sweetest, kindest horses in the barn. He’s a “been there, done that” type with a gentle disposition and more than his fair share of patience. He’s an Arab/Percheron cross, so even though he’s not that tall, he’s a strong, big bodied kind of guy. Rebel is super comfortable with smooth gaits at the walk, trot and canter, and he’s a super safe jumper with a great brain who can help both kids and adults learn the ropes of our sport. Rebel’s favorite things are apple-flavored treats, and neck scratches. Rebel has been at Palladia since 2015.

BUSTER is a funny and sweet medium pony gelding. Buster likes to cuddle, almost as much as he likes treats. He also loves trainers a ton, so when you ride him, you have to keep him from going to visit. Buster is really, super comfortable, so it’s really easy to sit the trot and canter him.  We sometimes joke that if you can walk on Buster, you can canter on Buster! This makes him an expert at teaching little ones how to canter. He’s also great at teaching them to jump. No matter what, Buster won’t go too fast. Buster has been at Palladia since 2002.

LALA is a liver chestnut medium pony mare. Our smallest kids love her because it’s really easy to make her go, and it’s really easy to make her stop. If you’re little and you’ve never ridden a horse before, you’re probably going to ride Lala. She’s also great at jumping, and has earned good ribbons as part of Team Palladia at horse shows. She competes in the short stirrup and the children’s ponies. She’s one of our best jumping ponies. Lala has been at Palladia since 2014.

MONET is a large pony mare. She has an amazing canter, and she’s great at jumping. Because her gaits are so correct, she can teach more advanced concepts to our young riders, such as contact with the mouth, a leg to hand connection, and bending. She too is successful at horse shows, often winning the hack. These days she competes in the short stirrup hunters, but when she was younger she had a great record in the large ponies and large children’s ponies from her younger years.